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Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D., Lt. Colonel – Letter of Recommendation

I’m happy to respond to your queries. A bit of background and context. Over my 40+ year career in public health, I’ve served on the stress management faculties at the Pentagon, the University of Maryland, and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (which serves military, first responders, and mental health professionals that serve them). I’m […]

Breakthrough with ART – Ellen

Yesterday afternoon I “ARTed” (a new adjective), a 28 y/o male client after treating him for a trauma incident that happened to him a decade ago. We worked for a year of therapy 2-1/2 yrs. ago, took a break and started back Not only did we get to the root of why he’s been holding […]

Sheri Marlin, LCSW

Laney, I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the Accelerated Resolution Therapy ! Personally I no longer live with a paralyzing fear of heights that I have struggled with for the last 40 years. And in my practice I have helped people overcome their fears and anxiety. I had a recent person come […]

Andrew M – Parkinson’s Symptoms

Dear Laney,I had a very pleasant and hopefully a lasting positive outcome today while undergoing Accelerated Resolution Therapy concerning my “freezing of gait” due to Parkinson’s Disease. I was very impressed with your expertise in the field of ART and I believe your recommendation will help me with my situation. Thank you for spending time […]

Dave P – Claustrophobia Improvement

Laney, Thank you for introducing me to Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), which you used successfully as a tool for helping to cope with a severe case of claustrophobia. On a recent trip to Europe, for example, I was able to experience the flight, massive summer crowds, elevators, and other confined spaces without even a twinge […]